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King King Window is a professional commitment to research and development, production, sales of high-grade aluminum doors and windows of large-owned enterprises, main Chongqing aluminum alloy doors and windows, Chongqing Aluminum alloy window, Chongqing broken Bridge Doors and windows, Chongqing windows and doors, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, Broken Bridge casement window, broken Bridge sliding window, all aluminum home, all aluminum cabinets, the company since its inception to " Quality-oriented, innovation for the road, service for the road "business philosophy, with excellent quality, perfect service, successfully opened up a broad market. The company has introduced advanced production equipment and Germany's excellent manufacturing technology, at the same time has a professional production team, to ensure the advancement of production technology and reliability. In the eyes of the world and Chinese consumers have formed a good corporate image. As a result of higher product quality requirements, product waterproof, strong corrosion resistance, no deformation, not fade, fashionable and so on, for the customer planning, to create health, comfort, environmental protection and modern home space, is a modern home decoration quality choice.